Post-event survey: Why are they important?
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Álvaro Martínez González
December 16, 2022

Post-event survey: Why are they important?

Knowing the opinion of our customers is always important because in this way we can see reflected both our strengths and weaknesses. It is common to think that it is important the opinion that customers give us only during the event, but really the one they have after the event is the most valuable.

For this reason, post-event surveys have become vitally important, where you can really get to know the opinion of the attendees and see what are the points to improve and what they have loved. Here are some tips on how to carry it out succesfully.

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When organizing an event, it is important how the event is seen and the work that has been done prior to it, as the work after it, the work of collecting data and opinion, as well as its analysis.

Both tasks will be essential to secure the potential customers that we have managed to capture and who have attended the event. Precisely for this reason, we must place the same emphasis on organizing and managing the event as on knowing the feelings that our event has awakened in our audience.

A successful post-event satisfaction survey with direct and varied questions can provide us with a great deal of information regarding our customers.

On the other hand, it will also provide us with relevant contact data regarding the different customers for future events.

Why conduct a post-event survey?

The success or failure of an event can depend on so many factors that it is really difficult to find the key to make it a top 10 event for everyone. Each person will live a unique experience and knowing and understanding their opinion will be vital in order to improve our management.

Precisely for this reason, it is important to have tools that allow companies to both collect and analyze data that will later serve as a prelude to a new, better event, more focused on what our customers are looking for.

Specifically, post-event surveys allow us to analyze very important aspects such as customer service, experiences and impressions of all the people who have participated in the event, as well as those who have not participated but are involved, such as suppliers.

Type of post-event surveys

The amount of information provided by these surveys depends directly on the quality and accuracy with which the questions are asked.

Below, we will provide you with a series of sample questions that you can ask in your post-event surveys and that will help you to improve the information extracted from the:

  1. Ratings from 1 to 5 on some aspect of the event organization: facilities, information, speakers…
  2. What did you like least about the event?
  3. To know if this event would be recommended from 0 to 10, where 0 is very improbable and 10 is very probable
  4. How would you rate our event (Excellent, Very good, Good, Fair or Poor)?
  5. What did you like most about the event?
  6. Opinion regarding the organization of the event (Very well organized, Well organized, Organized, Not very well organized, A disaster).
  7. Opinion on the work carried out by the orientation and information service
  8. How satisfied are you with the event from 0 to 10, where 0 is very dissatisfied and 10 is very satisfied?
  9. From 0 to 10, where 0 is not at all and 10 is very satisfied, was our team helpful in resolving your doubts?
  10. What do you think can be improved in the next event (open box for suggestions)?

Tips for conducting a post-event survey

Mobile survey

When it comes to passing the questionnaire, the best option is to do it via mobile because generally during the event people will be doing something else and once it is over they will want to go home. For this reason, the best option is to create a digital survey and send it via email. This way , the guest will be able to fill it out at any time and place without having to do it immediately after the end of the event.


Ideally, attendees should answer as soon as the event is over, as the experience will remain fresh in their minds. However, in case of sending it late, it is important to have a fresh memory and that no more than 24 hours have passed since the completion of the event.


The design of these surveys is also important. It should be attractive, light and consistent with your brand. It is important not to make a heavy survey, otherwise there is a risk of not getting the interest we are looking for from the respondent.

Appreciate the time

At the end of the survey, you should have a thank you page, since the participants have dedicated their time to answer your questions.

Promote your next event

It doesn’t hurt to add a mention of your upcoming events at the end of the thank you page or at the end of the survey itself.