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Sales website

We create your website fully integrated with your branding and under your domain. Increase your online presence and sell tickets faster.

100% own database

Generate a database with your buyers. You are the owner of the database and the only one with exploitation rights.

24/7 online ticket sales

Sell tickets from your own website, regardless of your physical box office hours. Your customers can buy whenever and wherever they want.


Map to sell VIP tables, reserved seating, seats


Metrics and reports of your events

Know at all times the sales, attendance and billing of your events and your PR team.

Dashboard with real-time data
Customized and scheduled reports
Sales and attendance forecast
Learn more about reporting

Sell tickets anytime, anywhere

More visibility, bigger events, more customers and more turnover.

Advance ticket sales

Go ahead and sell tickets before your event starts, and secure your turnover and attendance target.

Guest list creation

Create as many guest lists as you want, assign them a sales or PR channel and have them manage them in real time with our software.

Ticket refunds

Return tickets faster and gain your customers' trust by sending them an immediate confirmation of the transaction. Do it from the check-in app or the Premiumguest platform.

Direct sales link

Simplify the ticket sales process and track your PR sales by creating a specific sales link for them.

Social media sales

Sell tickets to your events directly through Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Share the links via Stories or in your bio, and make the purchase easier for your customers.

Special requests

Respond and manage your customers' requests in just a few steps. We combine digital speed with personalized customer service. Everything, so that they have a good experience.

Solution for corporate groups
Manage all your business events with a single user, on a single platform
If you are the owner or manager of several entertainment venues and want to manage them all from the same software, Premiumguest is just what you need.
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The best ticketing platform

We are the best event management software to sell tickets.

Maybe until today you have only sold tickets at the box office and until now, you have not thought about selling tickets online. Or maybe you already sell tickets online and you simply want to switch to something better, to a different ticket management software. Maybe it's even the first time you read about event management software.

Don't worry, whatever it is, you're in the right place.

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All aspects of your business connected in one place: Premiumguest.
Your finances
Know at a glance your ticket sales, monthly turnover and the forecast of your upcoming event.
Your customers
Our software allows you to create your own customer database, enabling you to analyze customer data to personalize your services, build customer loyalty and better monetize your business.
Your team
Manage your sales channels through our software and track their performance in real time.
Your marketing
Connect your database with all marketing campaigns (newsletters, Ad campaigns, SEO, SEM, etc.) to better monitor and analyze results.
24/7 sales
Manage all business from the same platform in a simple and intuitive way
Frequently Asked Questions

What is a customized sales website?

A sales website is a very simple and intuitive online store through which you can sell your services or products. In this case, tickets to your events. We talk about it being personalized because it is 100% in line with your branding and you can integrate it with your existing website.

How to sell event tickets with Premiumguest?

Use your personal sales website to allow customers to buy tickets to your events. By using the link generated by the sales page for your event, you can easily share it on your social networks.
In addition to having your own public relations, we provide you with our network of sales channels in which to promote your events and reach a larger audience with tools such as email marketing and SMS sending, and together with your database, you can promote your events and offer personalized offers to your potential customers.

How much does Premiumguest charge me for selling tickets?

Any fees charged associated with the processing and delivery of tickets to your customers will be paid by the customer. In the case of Premiumguest, the booking fee charged to customers is usually 5% + 0.50€ of the ticket value.

How to manage online ticket sales?

Ticket sales management becomes much easier when you are the owner of your own sales website and you have a software that allows you to monitor those sales in an intuitive and agile way. You are the one who decides what kind of tickets are sold, at what prices and with what commissions you work with. And you can see in real time how many tickets have been sold, what kind and from which partner they come from, among many other data.