Sales website

Sell tickets to your events directly from your own sales website, while building your own database.
Direct ticket sales
Sell tickets directly to your customers from your own sales website, without intermediaries. Simple, customizable, and personalized.
Private and proprietary database
Generate a database of your buyers that you are the sole owner of.
Guest lists
Create as many lists as you need, assign a team member to be in charge of the list, and manage them in real time.
Reserved and VIP areas
Manage reservations for your tables and VIP areas in a more personalized and efficient manner.
Interactive map
Design a map of your venue so that your clients can book their preferred seats.
Advance ticket sales
Ensure revenue and attendance by selling tickets before your event starts.
24/7 ticket sales
Sell tickets regardless of the opening and closing hours of the box office.
Direct sales links
Create specific sales links for your PR team. Track the number of tickets sold and boost the online promotion of your event.
Social media ticket sales
Make the purchasing process easier for your customers through Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.
Reports and metrics
View real-time data of your events and receive personalized reports with the most relevant metrics.
Ticket refunds
Simplify the ticket refund process at the event entrance and improve the customer experience.
Special requests
Respond to and manage special requests from your customers with a great user experience.


Manage customer relationships and seize sales opportunities from a single place.
Private and proprietary database
Be the owner of your customer data, create personalized offers, and increase your revenue.
Dynamic registration forms
Customize the forms to collect the attendee and buyer information that interests you the most.
Customer profiles
Access complete information about your customers from the platform.
GDPR regulation
Ensure that your database complies with data privacy regulations.
Automated and personalized emails
Segment your audience and send more direct and personalized communications to your customers via email or SMS.
Customer insights
Obtain data about your customers (gender, age, and postal code) and segment your marketing campaigns more effectively.

Customer service

Count on our support and customer service team from the moment you start using our platform until the day of the event.
WhatsApp group communication
Communicate quickly and smoothly with us through a private WhatsApp group.
Customer support 24/7
The chatbot of your sales website will be able to solve your customers' incidences and doubts 24 hours a day.
Technical support
Receive support throughout the day from our Customer Success and Tech teams.
Emergency support
Seek assistance from our team to resolve emergency situations during your events. Our response time is between 5-15 minutes.
We constantly analyze the response time and solution of incidents by our team.

Cashless and contactless payments

Increase money control, better understand your customers, and foster loyalty.
POS and card reader
Have a device per employee and streamline the sales process at the bar with the integration of POS and card payment systems.
Payments with wristbands or NFC cards
Offer your customers the option to pay with cash, wristbands, or NFC cards. Encourage loyalty by accumulating credits.
Mobile orders
Allow your customers to place orders through a QR code directly from their mobile phones.
Customer consumption data
Get to know your customers better: what they consume, how much they spend, and personalize your offers to build loyalty.
Cash management
Premiumguest Cashless offers the possibility to manage cash payments from users.
Customizable product catalog
Personalize your product catalogs for each of your sales points.
Promotions and agreements with suppliers
Generate more personalized promotions and establish new agreements with your food and beverage suppliers.

Check-in app

Prevent the creation of fake tickets and expedite access to your events with our application: Premiumguest Access Control.
Capacity control
Monitor the attendance of your event in real time, automatically or manually with our scanning app.
Ticket validation
Scan the QR code of the tickets with Premiumguest Access Control.
Ticket verification
Prevent the creation of fake tickets with our unique and personalized QR codes.
Internal notes creation
Write internal notes in the check-in app with detailed information about your customers and provide them with exclusive attention.
Guest management
Create a guest list, invite your friends and associates, or send them an invitation.
Attendee registration
Speed up the access of your attendees to the event and prevent crowding at the entrance of your venue.
Ticket refunds
Simplify the ticket refund process at the event entrance and improve the customer experience.
Multi-device support
Use our check-in app on any device: mobiles, tablets, or PDAs.

Channel manager

Promote your events through new channels and manage them from a single place.
Your collaborators
Add your own collaborators and easily manage their sales and commissions.
Premiumguest Network
Leverage our network of sales channels to reach more customers.
Automatic activation
Create an event and activate or deactivate ticket sales in the channels that interest you the most.
User groups
Organize platform users to simplify team organization and management.
Group leaders
Appoint group leaders to oversee the performance of their team in terms of ticket sales, customer management, and revenue.
Group-based permissions
Grant different permissions and functions to users to provide visibility within the platform.
Sales metrics
Monitor sales from all your channels in real time and at a glance.
Automatic reports
Monitor your sales in real time and receive reports after the event ends.
Simplified settlements
Our team will manage the commissions and settlements from your sales channels.

Marketing for events

Enhance the promotion of your venue and events with our marketing tools.
Premiumguest Network
Access over 80 sales channels to promote your events.
Email marketing
Send announcements to your database informing them about your upcoming events and promotions.
Expand your communication channels with your customers through mobile messaging.
We want you to appear in top positions on the most important search engines.
Invest in online advertising to promote your venue and events.
Corporate website
Improve your image with a professional and optimized website to increase your sales.


Receive real-time data and personalized reports about your events to make better decisions.
Real-time data
Access metric dashboards and visualize your data in real time.
Dashboards and reports
Obtain reports and graphs with sold tickets, attendees, entry times, sales by your collaborators...
Automatic report sending
Receive event data upon completion or at your desired time.
Data filters
Filter the data that is important to you and make faster decisions.
Metric views
Our tables offer default or customizable views to present information clearly and organized, eliminating unnecessary distractions.

Interactive map

Design a map of your venue so that your customers can choose their favorite location at your event.
Static map
Your customers can view the map of your venue, and you can assign them the exact location.
Interactive map
From your sales website, your customers can choose the exact location of their seat, reserved area, or VIP table.
Internal table management
Receive reservations, add customers, and organize your tables more intuitively with our maps.
App synchronization
Once a reservation is made, it will automatically synchronize with your software and Premiumguest's check-in app.

Guest lists

Create and manage multiple guest lists according to your needs. Ensure smooth access to your event.
Customize and restrict your lists
Customize and quickly limit your lists according to your preferences. Set limitations based on schedules, number of people, gender, and more.
Metrics dashboard
Get up-to-date data instantly with a single glance. The dashboard shows you the real-time status of attendees.
Lists in the channel manager
With the channel manager, automatically update prices and conditions on all channels where you publish your lists.
Integrated CRM
Communicate directly and effectively with your guests through the CRM system integration.
VIP guest management
Collect detailed information such as name, phone, email and public relations. Know everything about them and give them a personalized experience at your events.
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