Manage tickets and bookings for your nightclub

Premiumguest wants to simplify the processes of your nightclub, so that your only concern is to enjoy your event.
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Sales website for nightclubs

Sell tickets to your customers directly through your own personalized sales website.

Lists and reserved for nightlife

Manage guest lists, reservations and VIP from a single software.

Integrate public relations

Create direct sales links for your PR and social media sales.

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Design an interactive map of your space

Sell your reservations and VIP areas through an advanced interactive map.

Have an interactive map, from where the customer can choose their favorite table.
With the static map, the client can only select the type of ticket and display the map.
Enjoy the benefits of our table managing feature for the organization and coordination of your team in real time.
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Better organized events with more quality information

Know your business metrics at all times.

Manage your business and events remotely with our nightclub software.
View your business data, events, collaborators and clients, live and very easily.
Receive reports automatically at the end of an event, or customize when you want to receive them.
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Create and manage your guest lists

Easily manage all event guests.

Customize and limit your guest lists in a quick and personalized way.
Get instant data from your lists in real time on the status of your attendees, anticipate situations and keep everything under control.
With the CRM, communicate directly and effectively with your guests through personalized emails and SMS, without leaving Premiumguest.
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Manage public relations and sales channels

Centralize all your sales and PR channels on a single platform and measure their performance.

Create your own list of contributors and customize their lists, tickets and commissions.
Automatically activate our more than 80 sales channels (ticketing, agencies, hotels...) to promote your events.
Monitor your employees' sales in real time.
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The best solution to manage your nightclub

The management of a nightclub involves many processes and tasks, as you already know. Ticket sales, VIP table reservations, stock and supplier control, staff organization or the promotion of your events. Some of them, a bit tedious. Our event management software is the solution to simplify all the processes of your nightclub or nightclub.  We take care of the management and the most tedious part, you enjoy the event and your customers!

Do you manage a disco or nightclub?
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Our testimonies

Premiumguest is an extremely agile platform, and offers the best event management services in the market. Customers can purchase event tickets in a very easy and intuitive way. Right now you have no competition from my point of view!

Antonio Bignone

Hotel The Serras

After the paper system to count attendees at events became obsolete, and after trying several apps and being a complete failure, we found Premiumguest. It was the only one that offered what we were looking for. The most complete, effective and intuitive.

Jesús Calvo

PR Manager
Otto Zutz

Premiumguest is an easy-to-use tool for access management at any event. The elaboration of periodical reports and statistics based on the data obtained are essential to evaluate the development of any activity.

Byron Zurita

Event Manager
Carpe Diem Lounge Club

How do we help you manage your nightclub?

Whether you are a big or small club, you need a software that makes things easy for you, that accompanies you in your journey and growth, and that covers all your needs from one place. And yes, Premiumguest is exactly that.
Versatile and unique platform
Find all the features you need to manage your business, customers and partners in one place.
Intuitive and customizable design
The interface of our software is focused on the usability of our clients and the design of your sales website, fully integrated with your branding.
Automatic and scalable processes
By digitizing and automating many daily tasks, your business management will become more agile and you will be able to grow faster.
Customer service and support
Your event attendees can count on 24/7 customer service and you can count on our technical support whenever you need it.
Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Premiumguest nightclub software work?

Premiumguest is a complete and versatile solution for the efficient management of entertainment venues and nightclubs. It allows the sale of tickets through a personalized website, with its own private database, personalized guest lists, and management of reserved rooms and VIP tables through an interactive map. With pre-sale and 24/7 options, it facilitates communication with customers through social networks and offers reports and metrics in real time to make the right decisions. With cashless payments, POS and card reader, as well as 24/7 customer service and technical support, our software offers a complete experience for customers and event organizers.

Advantages of the software for nightclubs and discos

Event management software for your nightclubs and discos will provide you with numerous advantages that will positively impact the organization and profitability of your events. You will be able to save time and money by automating tasks such as the management of reservations, tickets and invitations, QR access and attendee registration. In addition, you will have tools to improve communication with customers and provide them with a more efficient service throughout the entire process.

Premiumguest offers you detailed reports and statistics in real time so you can make better decisions. You will be able to obtain key data on attendance, the performance of each area of your club and the preferences of your customers. This information will allow you to identify opportunities for improvement and adjust your strategy to optimize the experience of your events and increase their profitability.

With this comprehensive event management solution, you will be able to deliver exceptional customer experiences and excel in the organization of events at your venue. Whether it's large events with multiple activities or smaller themed nights, Premiumguest will help you optimize the organization, deliver quality service and gain valuable insights to make informed decisions that drive the success of your events. Get ready to excel in the entertainment and nightclub industry with the help of Premiumguest!