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Key features for your business

Venue capacity control and the creation of internal notes are two important factors in improving access management.

Venue capacity management

Know at all times who accesses your event and when in real time. You will gain control and security in access.

Internal note creation

Write internal notes in the check-in app with detailed information about your customers. Take the opportunity to get to know your guests better, give them special treatment or offer them exclusive services.


Attendee management

Manage special guests easibly.

Guest management

Create a guest list, sign up your friends and others or send them a ticket. You decide if they get a complimentary ticket or if you give them a special price.

Attendee registration

Speed up your attendees' access to the event and avoid crowds at the entrance of your venue, thanks to the scanning speed of our app.


Scan QR tickets from your mobile

Manage the check-in app from all types of devices:


If you don't have them, we can make them available for occasional or recurring events, just ask us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Premiumguest access control?

Premiuguest access control is our check-in app. It is the fastest scanning app on the market, with which you can validate tickets to your space and count the real-time capacity of your event. Either automatically or manually.

What are the benefits of the check-in app?

The Premiumguest access control app along with our tickets in QR format will allow you to:
• Validate entries on the spot.
• Control the capacity of your event in real time.
• Speed up the access time to your venue.
• Remove long lines at the access door.
• Detect and avoid fake tickets.
• Simplify your customers' ticket management.
• Increase the productivity of your employees.
• Improve the experience of your customers.

Are the check-in app and Premiumguest software connected?

Yes, our app and software are 100% linked. The support data that is registered in the scanning app will be automatically transferred to your software. So at the end of the event you can have the exact data of: number of scanned tickets, types of tickets purchased, customer who attended the event, etc. You will have all the necessary information to analyze sales and attendance to your event.

Who can use the Premiumguest access control app?

To access and use the app you must be registered as a business in Premiumguest. You will have to log in with the same email and password that you enter your software. In addition to your user, you can create access to the app for your employees who need to control access to the event. So you can download the app on your own device and manage the entries in a simpler way.

How do I download the check-in app?

Download the Premiumguest access control app for iOS from the App Store, or for Android from Google Play.

How to avoid fake tickets?

The Premiumguest sales website generates a unique QR code for each ticket purchased by your customers. This makes it impossible to replicate a ticket. In addition, once the QR codes have been validated through the scanning app at the door of your venue, the same QR code cannot be scanned again.

How important is capacity in an event?

The main reason why you should control the capacity of your events is security. You must avoid crowds and ensure compliance with security protocols. If the occupancy capacity exceeds the stipulated one, it could cause difficulties in a possible evacuation.

How to control the capacity of an event?

There are several ways to control the capacity of an event or space. Premiumguest enables you to count through our ticket scanning app (which also allows you to do it manually). This way, we can determine the number of people that fit in your space and prevent access to more when it is full.

How can I manage attendee data and export it for analysis?

Since the check-in app is synchronized with the Premiumguest software, the data entered through the application will be automatically saved in the software,and vice versa. To download the data of your attendees and sales, you can do it from the Reports section of Premiumguest, by clicking on the Export report action. An XLS file will be downloaded and there, you have all the information you need. In addition, you will always have this information available in our software.