OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE is the very best

Customer service is what Premiumguest customers value most

We strongly believe in being at your side as a win-win strategy. For you and your customers.

Communication with Customer Success

If there's one thing we pride ourselves on at Premiumguest, it's our Customer Success: your fundamental support in your day-to-day business and during your events. Beyond customer service, our Customer Success team can help you achieve your business goals.

WhatsApp groups

We create WhatsApp groups with each of our clients. This way you can write us whenever you have a question and we will respond quickly, addressing your questions and needs.

24/7 customer support

Thanks to the chatbot that we install on your sales website and its automated responses, we can solve your customers' incidents and concerns 24 hours a day.

Technical support

Our Customer Success and Tech teams are available whenever you need to help you with your software requests and issues.

Emergency support

Count on us for emergency situations on weekends and during your events, even in the wee hours of the morning.

we want to get better every day


In order to keep improving our customer service, we perform audits of incidents and requests. We constantly analyze the response time and solution of incidents by our team. And thus, optimize sales and processes.

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Know at a glance your ticket sales, monthly turnover and the forecast of your upcoming event.
Your customers
Our software allows you to create your own customer database, enabling you to analyze customer data to personalize your services, build customer loyalty and better monetize your business.
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Manage your sales channels through our software and track their performance in real time.
Your marketing
Connect your database with all marketing campaigns (newsletters, Ad campaigns, SEO, SEM, etc.) to better monitor and analyze results.
24/7 sales
Manage all business from the same platform in a simple and intuitive way
Frequently Asked Questions

What does Premiumguest’s customer service consist of?

On one hand, there is customer service for your clients, that is to say, for the attendees of your events. With our Customer success team and the chatbot that we have installed on your website, we can solve your customers’ incidents 24 hours a day. On the other hand, you, as a Premiumguest software customer, will be able to communicate with our support team through a WhatsApp group that we will create for you. Through this group chat, you will be able to communicate with members of our customer success and Tech teams regarding any questions, incidents and requests you may have. We also offer emergency support for emergency situations on weekends and during your events, even in wee hours of the morning.

Who is part of the WhatsApp groups?

Once you become a Premiumguest customer, we will create a WhatsApp group for you. This group will consist of the sales person with whom you signed the contract with, as well as several members of both the Customer success and Tech teams. Our team will go above and beyond to help solve your problems quickly and efficiently.