Manage your PR team

Add your public relations to your list of collaborators. Assign them tickets to events, manage their commissions easily and pay them promptly.

User groups

Group together platform users by teams to facilitate the organization and management of teams.

Directors and group managers

Assign group leaders to see how their team is performing. They will know their tickets sold, the amount of sales and the total of their customers.

Grant access by group

Grant different permissions and roles to your team members. Give them visibility on the platform for a single event or for the entire business.


Channel manager for promoting your event

Connect with Premiumguest's channel manager and access new sales and PR channels to promote your event.

Work with Premiumguest Network

Benefit from our promotion network with more than 80 sales channels (ticketing companies, promoter agencies, hotels, PR...).

Create your event on Premiumguest, automatically activate ticket sales on all sales channels and synchronize stock in real time.

Promotion channels: Bpremium, YouBarcelona or DiscoMadrid.

Import tickets from other channels

Import tickets manually to Premiumguest and unify all your sales to be able to manage them in one place. When importing tickets into Premiumguest, you will be able to scan them with our scan app.

Supported platforms: Xceed, Fever, Ticketmaster, El Corte Inglés or Resident Advisor.

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Your finances
Know at a glance your ticket sales, monthly turnover and the forecast of your upcoming event.
Your customers
Our software allows you to create your own customer database, enabling you to analyze customer data to personalize your services, build customer loyalty and better monetize your business.
Your team
Manage your sales channels through our software and track their performance in real time.
Your marketing
Connect your database with all marketing campaigns (newsletters, Ad campaigns, SEO, SEM, etc.) to better monitor and analyze results.
24/7 sales
Manage all business from the same platform in a simple and intuitive way
Frequently Asked Questions

What is a channel manager?

A channel manager is a digital tool where you can centralize and manage the availability of tickets for an event. It allows organizers to automatically update the information available on other platforms.

What kind of sales channels are parte of Premiumguest Network?

Within our network of more than 80 sales channels you can find ticketing companies, hotels, tour companies, independent public relations, different types of agencies…

How do you monitor ticket sales?

For each of  the partners or sales channels working on your events, we create a personalized link through which they sell tickets to customers. This link is directly linked to our software and therefore, we can see in real time the sales and invoicing of each collaborator. From the beginning of the event, you will have available a metrics panel to know the performance of each of your sales channels.