1. Sell tickets on your own sales web site

With our platform, you can have your own white label website, from where you can sell tickets directly to your customers, without intermediaries. It is very easy to edit and customize with your own branding, as well as offering the option to integrate it into your existing website.

Best of all, you are the sole owner of your customer database, generated through your sales website, and you have the exclusive rights to use that information.

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2. Have an interactive map of your venue on your website

Customize the map of your venue and let your customers choose their favorite places at your event! With our interactive map, you can design it according to your needs, from your own sales website, customers will be able to select their seat, reservation or VIP table interactively.

Best of all, reservations will be automatically synchronized with your software and Premiumguest's check-in app. Give your attendees an unforgettable experience with our mapping system!

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CASHLESS payments

3. Pay cashless at your events

Cashless payment at events brings several benefits. It is safer because it avoids the use of cash. In addition, it is fast and convenient, you only need a wristband or card to pay.

Organizers also gain valuable information about attendees' spending habits, which allows them to offer personalized promotions.

Cashless offers security, agility and customization possibilities, improving both the attendees' experience and the organizers' efficiency.

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Premiumguest is an extremely agile platform, and offers the best event management services in the market. Customers can purchase event tickets in a very easy and intuitive way. Right now you have no competition from my point of view!

Antonio Bignone

Hotel The Serras

After the paper system to count attendees at events became obsolete, and after trying several apps and being a complete failure, we found Premiumguest. It was the only one that offered what we were looking for. The most complete, effective and intuitive.

Jesús Calvo

PR Manager
Otto Zutz

Premiumguest is an easy-to-use tool for access management at any event. The elaboration of periodical reports and statistics based on the data obtained are essential to evaluate the development of any activity.

Byron Zurita

Event Manager
Carpe Diem Lounge Club
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4. Attention for you and your customers

Customer Service
channel manager

5. Centralize your sales channels

In Premiumguest, you have a complete solution to manage and promote your events. With our channel manager, you reach new promotion channels from one place.

Add partners, manage sales and commissions easily and take advantage of our network of sales channels. Activate ticket sales in the channels you want. Monitor sales in real time and get automatic reports at the end of the event.

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