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From Premiumguest we create your corporate website for you to gain digital presence. A professional and optimized website to increase your sales. Because by increasing the visibility of your local, we get an even larger audience interested in you.
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We put at your disposal more than 80 sales channels to promote your events. With our channel manager we facilitate the activation of sales channels and increase the visibility of your events. And therefore, the sale of your tickets.

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More visibility, bigger events, more customers and more turnover.

SEO for events

Appearing in the first positions of Google is possible as long as you have good SEO. Our team of specialists will help you in achieving this, increasing your visibility and your sales.

SEM for events

Investing in online advertising to promote your venue and events is a great idea. Count on our experts to create new content and optimize your advertising campaigns.

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Our software allows you to create your own customer database, enabling you to analyze customer data to personalize your services, build customer loyalty and better monetize your business.
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Manage your sales channels through our software and track their performance in real time.
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Connect your database with all marketing campaigns (newsletters, Ad campaigns, SEO, SEM, etc.) to better monitor and analyze results.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to promote an event on social networks?

Social networks are one of the best allies of event marketing. Take note of the main aspects to sell better on social networks:
• Choose your social networks wisely. Not all of them serve the same purpose and not all audiences are on the same networks. So create a strategy consistent with your brand and your audience.
• Invest in Social Ads. Increase the reach of your event by advertising your event. Thanks to segmentation you can customize the audience you want to reach.
• Publish information about your event periodically, but do not overdo it. You can make explanatory posts, presentation videos… You must awaken the interest of users and encourage them to participate.
•Maintain coherence in the design of the event’s posting and event style.
• Create a hashtag that represents your event to reach more potential customers.
• Have a direct link to your sales website to facilitate the buying process for your customers.

What is the difference between a sales website and a corporate website?

If you plan to give visibility to your business on the Internet, you must first understand the difference between these two concepts:
• Corporate website: its objective is to advertise a company, whatever the sector and whatever the product or service it offers. This type of web is in charge of spreading an image of your business on the net.
• Sales website: its objective is to help you sell your product or service it offers. Let’s say it is your online store where potential buyers of your product or service directly.The combination of both is perfect to make your business known on the Internet and also help you to bill more in the sale of your products.

What features does event marketing software offer?

Event marketing software offers a variety of features to help you plan, promote and manage events efficiently. 
• Registration and database management: allows you to collect registration information from attendees and manage a database of contacts. 
• Promotion and marketing: provides tools to promote the event through different channels, such as email and social media. It can also help you create customized registration forms.
• Invitation management: Allows you to send personalized invitations to potential attendees, track responses and manage guest lists.
• Analytics and tracking: Provides reports and analytics on user registrations, and the email marketing campaign performance among other data.

How can I track the behavior of event attendees?

To track the behavior of event attendees, you can use several of our tools:
• Check-in App: Use a check-in app at the event to track attendee check-in. This app can collect data such as time of arrival and time spent in different areas of the event.
• Internal notes: You can assign your staff the task of taking internal notes on attendee behavior. These notes will be updated in the software for later analysis.
• Email marketing campaigns: With our email marketing platform, you can send communications to attendees before, during and after the event. You can track attendee behavior by including tracking links in the emails, allowing you to know if they have opened messages, clicked on specific links, etc. This gives you information about their level of interest and engagement.
• Registration on the sales website: From the registration form on your sales website you can track attendee behavior. Ask for the information you are most interested in and then keep a record of the different visitors.
• Surveys and questionnaires: Design surveys or questionnaires to collect direct information from attendees. You can distribute these surveys through online forms. The answers will provide you with data about their experiences, opinions and behavior during the event.