Build loyalty with your potential customers

Create long lasting relationships with your customers with our CRM

Get to know them and offer them personalized attention.

Private and exclusive database

Be the exclusive owner of your database and have the rights to exploit it.

Increasing the size of your database can generate more revenue, allow you to organize larger events and increase the promotion of your parties.

GDPR Regulations

We comply with data protection regulations to ensure that your databases are up to date and comply with the latest data policy regulations.

register the data that interests you most

Know your customers like no one else

Manage your customer files in a very intuitive way.

Dynamic registration forms

Create dynamic forms to finalize the ticket purchase process. Customize the required fields to request information from buyers and/or attendees to your events.

Customer profiles

View complete customer profiles on the platform and add unlimited new customers. Create internal notes to record relevant information that will allow you to provide a personalized and unique experience to your customers in the future.

Customer reporting

Obtain data on the profile of the customer who buys tickets for your event. Such as gender, age and location by zip code. This basic information will allow you to more effectively segment your marketing campaigns, among other actions.

Send invitations to events to your database

Create better marketing campaigns

We constantly innovate marketing strategies to persuade your customers and stand out from the competition.

Personalized communication to customers

Segment your audience to create more effective marketing campaigns. Take advantage of your customer data to establish more direct and personalized communications through emails or text messages.

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All aspects of your business connected in one place: Premiumguest.
Your finances
Know at a glance your ticket sales, monthly turnover and the forecast of your upcoming event.
Your customers
Have your own database with which you can personalize your services and build customer loyalty. And in this way, monetize your business.
Your team
Manage your sales channels through the software and track their performance in real time.
Your marketing
Connect your database with your marketing campaigns for a stronger and more consolidated strategy. In addition to monitoring the results of your newsletters, Ads campaigns, SEO, SEM…
24/7 sales
Manage all your business from the same platform in a simple and intuitive way
Frequently Asked Questions

How does the CRM help you manage your event?

From Premiumguest you can perform almost all the tasks you do manually on a daily basis. Almost all of them today, maybe all of them in the future. With our CRM you can:
• Remotely manage your business.
• Obtain data from your events in real time and receive customized reports.
• Generate a large database of your customers.
• Communicate with you customers in a massive and personalized way.
• Manage requests from you clients or public relations in an agile and simple way.

Can I manage several businesses from the same software?

Yes, with Premiumguest you can create several businesses and manage them independently within the same platform with a single user. You only have to configure each of your businesses so that their data starts to be updated.

What information appears in the database?

In each customer file you can see basic data such as: name, surname, date of birth or email. On the other hand, you will have information about the customer’s history with your business: events they have attended, type of tickets they have purchased and even which products they consume most frequently. With all this information you can send personalized communications to your customers and make it more effective.

Does Premiumguest have rights over my customer database?

No, Premiumguest does not have any rights over your customer data. That information is 100% private and yours. We know how important your database is, so it will never be shared with any private or public entity.