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Hello, digitization. Goodbye, manual processes.
Professionalize your business in the leisure sector. Digitize and automate your processes to improve your sales and performance. Increase your turnover.
How Premiumguest works
Create your event
Easily organize periodic or one-time events thanks to our software.
Sell your tickets
Sell tickets for your events through your own sales website.
Promote your event
Count on our network of more than 150 partners to publicize your event.
Track your sales
Easily control your events and analyze ticket sales and attendance in detail.
Control access
Scan your guests' tickets and control the total capacity of your event.

White label sales website

Offer your customers a 24h sales service and multiply your online ticket sales.
Web with your own brand and domain
Integrated into your website
100% own database
Advance ticket sales and reservation management
Dashboard mockup
We take care of you and your customers

Unique customer service

Communicate easily and count on the support of our Customer Success team whenever you need it.

Private WhatsApp group with your team
Average response time: 5-15 minutes
Emergency support before and during your event
Customer service for your customers
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Own database

Personalize the registration to your events, gather all the information of your customers in your own database and make them loyal.

Database is 100% yours and non-transferable
Customizable registration forms for your events
Customized discounts and promotions for your customers
Find out who your most loyal customers are and reward them
Manage your database
Simplify processes and get more out of your business

Discover the tools of our event management and promotion software

They will make your life much, much easier.
And much more, but for real
Sales channel network
Own database
Corporate website
Unlimited event creation
Contactless payments
Global and event reports
Sending automatic reports
POS and card reader
WhatsApp Messaging
Web technical support
Customer service 24/7
Verification of tickets
PR Manager
And a long etc.
"It is a very easy to use tool for access management at any event. The elaboration of periodical reports and statistics from the data obtained are indispensable to evaluate the development of any activity."

Byron Zurita

Event Manager, Carpe Diem Lounge Club

"After the paper system to count attendees at events became obsolete, and after trying several apps and being a complete failure, we came across Premiumguest. It was the only one that offered what we were looking for. The most complete, effective and intuitive".

Jesús Calvo

Otto Zutz

"Premiumguest is a very agile platform, where there are the best competitors and where customers can buy in a very intuitive way... Right now you have no competition for me.

A. Bignone

Director, Serras Hotel

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of software is used in event planning?

What you are looking for is an event management software, and better yet, one that also promotes your events. From the Premiumguest platform you will be able to execute all the phases of your event: the creation of the event on your own sales website, the management of your collaborators and their commissions, the control of event capacity and the follow-up of the metrics of your event.

Our goal is to save you and your employees time by digitally automating tasks to achieve a more scalable and profitable business, all from a single platform where you can organize events and manage your business in real time, from anywhere in the world.

What is event management software?

An event management system is a digital tool that helps event organizers in their planning, execution and management. In the case of Premiumguest, we offer support from the creation of the event in the software, the sale of tickets through the website to the capacity control with the scanning app.

How can a management software help me?

By digitizing many of the tasks that you perform manually on a daily basis, we make your processes simpler and more agile. Some of these functionalities are: Real-time monitoring of your sales and invoicing. Creation of automatic reports of your events. Management of your public relations and commissions. Control of the capacity of your events. Storage of your clients' data in a safe place. Organization of the reserved rooms and tables of your venue. Unify in the same platform all the tools to carry out your marketing.

Who is this event management software for?

The Premiumguest platform is for anyone who wants to organize events and sell tickets online. From a nightclub, a festival, a hotel... to a business totally unrelated to entertainment, but nevertheless wants to start organizing its own events or parties. No matter the size of the event, our party software can handle it all.

Thanks to the flexibility and customization of our event management application, we can adapt to virtually any industry and event size. Just ask us and we'll tell you more.

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