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Contactless payments

Attendees will be able to pay directly with any payment method at the bar or at their table. Increases sales of products at the bar by 10-30%.

A single intelligent POS with dataphone and POS in the same device that allows for all payment methods (including cash collection) while making the process smooth and agile.
Measures the individual performance of your employees.
Combine wristbands or NFC cards for cash recharges and access control.
Create different customizable product catalogs for each of your points of sale.
Control bar inventory by analizing the product types and amounts your clients consume.
iPhone mockup
iPhone mockup

Cashless payments

Attendees can make secure payments with their wristband or recharged NFC cards, before or during the event. Increase cash control, get to know your customers better and build customer loyalty.

Improve the recurrence of your customers by having cash stored in the wristbands designed with your brand.
Get to know your customers better by knowing what they consume and how much they spend.
Generate personalized promotions and new agreements with your beverage suppliers.
Offer a better experience to attendees by streamlining the payment of their drinks.
Link ticket validation and access control.

Mobile ordering

Your customers can place their orders in a very simple way: through a QR code from their own mobile.

Have a customizable web app for the event with schedules, products, prices and more.
Get a data analytics dashboard to make strategic decisions.
Let your users link their card and view orders.
Give them the option to pick up their order or receive table service.
iPhone mockup
iPhone mockup
cash option

Management of cash payments

Premiumguest Cashless is designed to suit the needs of the developer. That’s why we offer two possibilities to manage payments for users who want to pay in cash.

NFC payments: for a full cashless experience.
Cash payments: if you prefer not to completely eliminate cash at your points of sale.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are NFC cards?

NFC (near-field-communications) technology is known to allow payments with mobile or contactless cards. Bracelets or cards with this technology consist of a chip inside that allows those contactless payments. This technology allows you to automate actions faster and easier.

What are the benefits of contactless payment?

The main advantage of contactless payments is the speed and immediacy at which the payment is generated, not having to insert the physical cards in any device. Another advantage is the high payment security offered to customers, despite not having to enter their PIN.

How does contactless payment work?

When approaching the contactless device (bracelet, card, mobile…) to the sales terminal, payment will be made wirelessly without having to enter the card in the POS or pass it through the magnetic strip reader.