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Ticket sales

View the number of tickets sold and ticket type for each event, as well as where the online ticket sales were made.

Event attendance

Monitor the capacity of your events with the check-in app. Thanks to this app, you can view who is at your event, how many people have attended and at what time they check in to your event.

Team performance

Monitor the sales of each of your PR and/or sales channels, as well as being able to see how many tickets have sold in detail.


Data filtering

Data filtering facilitates the search and reading of the data of your events with a refined system of filters.

Some of the filters you will find are:

Business, if you manage several
Ticket type
Ticket status (purchased or scanned)
Sales channels and PR
Payment status (paid, pending or refunded)

Focus on the data that is important to you, without having to search for it among a large amount of irrelevant information.


Customized metrics views

The default or customized views of our tables allow you to see the information you need in a clearer and more orderly way, without unnecessary distractions.

These are some of our metric view settings:

Customers (gender and age of buyers)
Ticket price
Reception (receptionist and access time)
Marketing (UTM of sales origin)

Focus on relevant data and make faster, more accurate decisions.

the information you need at any time

More complete and detailed reports

Get more data from your events and make better decisions for your business.

Ticket sales reports

View at a glance, download and mail reports with important metrics such as:

Total revenue
Ticket types sold and prices
Scanned tickets (attendees)
Pending payments and refunds
Sales channels
And more...
For greater control of your event figures, tickets sold by other external sales channels are automatically synchronized and imported to your sales website.

Facilitate the organization and reading of information by grouping purchases by order or by attendees. You decide!

Sales channel reports

Monitor the performance of your sales and public relations channels with:

A summary of tickets sold, total revenue, users who have signed up and accessed the site, and expenditures on drinks.
A chart showing the sales turnover per day.
A report per event of total revenues, tickets sold and attendees.
A report by promoter where you can see their total revenue, the number of tickets sold, the number of registered users and those who have accessed the event, and the consumption.

Event reports

Filter by business and date to get an overview of how your events have gone. View, among many other data, information about:

Billing per event
Type and number of tickets sold
Number and gender of attendees
Sales and PR groups

Registration reports

We provide you with a panel with the data of the registrations to your sales website.

You will know the number of users differentiated by gender of:

Registration history
Active registered users
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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of reports can I download?

From our software you can download the following reports for each of your events:
• Sales: where you can see, among other things, the total turnover, the number of tickets sold and the type of tickets purchased.
• Access: you can see the number of attendees, their ticket type, the time at which they scanned their ticket, etc.
• Sales channels: you will see the turnover, the number of tickets sold, the total number of actual attendees, the type of ticket purchased... for each of your different sales channels and collaborators.
• General: combines all the above data in a single report so you can see from a more global perspective, what has happened in your event.
• Registration: view the customers registered in your database that sign up for your newsletter.

Is my business information protected with Premiumguest?

Ticket sales management becomes much easier when you are the owner of your own sales website and you have a software that allows you to monitor those sales in an intuitive and agile way. You are the one who decides what kind of tickets are sold, at what prices and with what commissions you work. You can see in real time how many tickets have been sold, what kind and from which partner they come from, along with lots of other data.

How can I customize my event reports?

When you access a report you can customize the filters of the data you want to be displayed, as well as customize the view of the tables. This way, the software will only show you the data that is really important to you.

How can I export and share my event reports?

Within the Reports section, you will be able to download all reports and data by clicking on the Export in XML action. You can also send the reports directly to your email.

How can I integrate Premiumguest's event reporting software with other tools and platforms?

We are working on integrating the main POS in the market so that you can consult all the information in the same place in a centralized way.