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María Illanes
April 29th, 2022

These last two years haven’t been easy, because many aspects of our lives have been affected, especially the economic field and even more nightlife field. But now that it no longer has so many restrictions, it is time to make up for the lost time. 

Because of that, we would like to help you achieve your professional goals and ensure exponential growth of profits in your business. It doesn’t matter if you are a pub, restaurant, concert hall, or nightclub; we have several pieces of advice that will allow you to have a business more profitable in 2022.  

1. Don’t let contingencies stop your business

If something we have learnt is that all can change in an unexpected way. So, it is important that you adapt your business to the possible contingencies that can be presented.

For example, in case restrictions start to harden, you can turn your traditional business into an online service, especially if it is related to musical or theatrical events. In fact, we found that some online events overcome previous editions in the presential version, as we can see in  Statista's study “Online cultural events - statistics and facts”.

A modality of this tool is duality; in other words, celebrate the event as it would hold normally but with the possibility of selling tickets in order to access the event, also in streaming. This can be especially interesting when you collaborate with popular artists whose audience, for several reasons, can’t move to the concert venue, play or festival but is disposed to live the experience that you offer from home at a more affordable price than the original. 

2. Obtain information about your customers to improve your services

It doesn’t matter the type of business that you have or its sector, knowing your customers’ opinions is essential. To develop to the maximum of its potential, we have to know its strong and weak points.

In this case, we have to pay attention to all places in which you are present: in social networks, in situ, or through comments that users make in TripAdvisor, in your profile of Google My Business, or on similar sites. 

Also, it is advisable to create your own database in order to do customer surveys after offering them your services, in addition to being able to encourage them to value their experience in previously named platforms. 

In this way, you will be able to solve problems that you hadn’t noticed previously and you will receive new ideas of products or services to include in your offer. In turn, hearing an unsatisfied customer and solving his problem can become him a faithful customer and spread a good image of the company. From here the importance of hearing customers. 

3. Know your own business

It is important to get to know our customers but it is for equally get to know ourselves. That's why it is fundamental to have control over the data of our business. We won’t be able to come to fruition without knowing how many tickets were sold in a certain period or which are their sales channels, how many bookings have had, gains, expenses, finally covered capacity, etc.  

And sometimes, having real control over these data can get complicated if we don’t pool, if we don’t relate between them and if we don’t visualize in a clear and simple way. Therefore, it is beneficial to create graphics, and have all the information in an orderly and unified possible way, preferably on the same site and doing reports on a regular basis. 

4. Use channels that your customers use to reach them

It is an open secret that social networks are more popular than the present. According to Digital Report España: nine out of ten Spanish use social networks and spend up to 2 hours per day. 

For this reason, it is crucial that your business also has a presence in them, as well as all channels and situations with whom you can become a potential customer.  

You can sell tickets via Instagram or SMS, for example, or send them to the buyer in order to keep them as close to hand as possible. In this way, you will control the sold tickets and indeed who has sold such tickets, as well as the relevant commissions, at the same time that you surprise the customer and you get involved every day. 

In short, use all the means that be available to reach out to your customer. And this is where the following point comes from:

5. Marketing online is your best ally

Having a website or profile on social networks is not the end of the road, if not it starts. Although it is advisable to have presence in all possible channels, sometimes, less is more, because it requires maintenance and permanent content updating in order to not generate a bad image of your company. 

On the other hand, some marketing online tools are difficult to implant and maintain without experience or previous knowledge, such as SEO and SEM positioning, newsletter, or automatization and control of certain processes. However, all of them are very advantageous, because it makes it possible to reach out to an audience previously interested in us without producing a sense of intrusion, as is the case of certain television advertisements.

6. Pide y acepta la ayuda de otros profesionales

Our last piece of advice is that you ask and accept the help of other professionals to expand your business. You can’t be an expert in all, and you have walked a large part of your journey on your own! 

Our team of Premiumguest would love to take part in your growth process and online adaptation, supporting you during such transition because our experts have a lot to offer and they facilitate the application of necessary tools in order for your business to become as successful as possible. 

In conclusion, we can say that Premiumguest offers a variety of tools very completed, both in its software web and app, for companies like yours worry less as possible by the planification and it can focus on its customers and employers.  

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