Manage events under your own brand and promote yourself in new sales channels

We help you sell tickets, manage guest lists, speed up access to the event and control everything in real time. In addition, you will be able to increase your income thanks to the agreement we have with more than 150 promotion channels.

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How does Premiumguest work?

All the essentials for you to organize and promote your event
And remember, all your customer database is private

Create an event

Easily create periodic or one-off events. Personalize your event with the flyer, description, photos of the space, location and different services (guest lists, tickets and VIP tables).

Update your events online from any device quickly and conveniently.

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Sell on your own website

Our white label web page format allows you to personalize it as you want it, with your logo, colors, texts... You are the protagonist and we help you :)

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Select public relations

Create a link so that all your public relations can sell tickets. In addition, Premiumguest has more than 100 collaborators who are interested in promoting your parties.

You can track all sales in real time from the control panel.

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Control your sales

Easily control all events and analyze in detail the sales and reservations generated to date.

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Access control

This access control app is one of the most complete on the market, since it has been designed with the variables and the way of working of many companies in the sector.

With it, you can scan guest lists, tickets and vip tables, control the capacity of the space, see how many people are still to come, make instant returns in case the client does not comply with the access regulations, register new clients and know the client's data to offer a more personalized treatment.

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How can we help you

Our goal is to create the best possible software for our clients to improve the management and promotion of their events

Do you know what customers who use Premiumguest value most?

More than 150 event organizers in Spain and South America are already using the Premiumguest software and what they value most is the communication with our team.

From the first day, we created a WhatsApp group where we are constantly in contact with any questions or support.

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Do you need to sell more tickets?

Sell lists, tickets and VIPs through your website. Your promoters can also sell online to spread the word about your events.

We connect you with more than 100 additional partners (promoters, hotels, ticketing websites ....).

Do you spend many hours managing PR?

Thanks to a personalized link for each promoter, you can easily see all the results and manage their payments.

Most of our customers have significantly increased their sales thanks to the ease of making promotions and simplicity of management.

Do you want to digitize your business and save on efficiency and resources?

Forget about the physical inputs and management involved. Through Premiumguest, this whole process is automated and all entries are centralized in the platform.

In addition, all attendees will be able to consult all the detailed information of the events in your website in a simple way to reduce the hours of management of the tickets, promoters, assistance, access control...

Do you have control over all tickets, lists and VIPs sold in real time?

Now, the managers of the rooms, control everything through Premiumguest being able to better plan each party, know what demand there will be, seeing the guest lists of each promoter, tickets sold or even see how many VIP tables have been reserved or prepaid.

Would you like to speed up the management of access to the premises?

We offer an App to scan the QR codes of all attendees. It is also 100% compatible with the tickets purchased through the links of the promoters or other partners.

What do they say about us?

More than 300 companies have already used our software

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"After the paper system to count the number of attendees at our events became obsolete, we researched the market for apps with this same function, and after trying several and being a complete failure, we found Premiumguest. We tried it and it was the only one that offered what we were looking for. The most complete, effective and intuitive for any worker".

Jesús Calvo

PR Manager, Otto Zutz
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"Premiumguest is a very useful and easy to use tool for access management in any event. The elaboration of periodical reports and statistics from the obtained data are indispensable to evaluate the development of any activity".

Byron Zurita

Event Manager, Carpe Diem Lounge Club
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"It is a very agile platform, where there are the best competitors and where customers can buy in a very intuitive way... Right now you have no competition for me".

Antonio Bignone

Director, Hotel The Serras

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